XT500EX 2 In 1 Dedicated Zoom, Bounce, Swivel ETTL/II Speed light for The Canon EOS 1D, 5D, 7D, 60D, 50D, T5i,T3i with 3 Color Flash Diffusers, 5" X 4" White Balance Grey Card Set
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The best solution for off camera flash technique :The XT500EX TTL system supports Canon wireless TTL systems. The XT500EX can be used jointly with Canon original flash as either Master and/or Remote (Slave). The XT500EX also supports digital (pre-flash system) and analogue (film type camera's flash and/or studio flash under both of Manual and Av. priority mode. Multi-Flash: Repeating flash for multi-exposure image in one frame. The power ratio can be set from 1/1 to 1/128. FeaturesGuide No: 49mm/160ftFlash Ready Indicator In ViewfinderFull Digital TTL DedicationAuto focus Infra RedAssistance BeamZoom,Bounce And Swivel ConstructionAutomatic Shutter Speed SettingAuto Check (OK) IndicatorRed Eye ReductionSecond/Rear Curtain SynchronizationDedication : ETTL/IIbSingle Slave FunctionFive year Limited Warranty

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