XO Vision Universal IR Wireless Foldable Headphones
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Product Description

The XO Vision Infrared Wireless Foldable Headphone are the perfect accessory for the family on the go, especially for the kids! These headphones are compatible with IR transmitters, allowing backseat passengers to enjoy excellent sound clarity from movies, videos and music without disturbing others. The folding design lets you conveniently store them away when not in use. Make your road trips fun and amusing by keeping your kids entertained as they listen to the best tunes from your car?s TV/DVD player through the IR wireless headphones. Offers a quick, seamless and stable connection with your car?s TV/DVD player. The XO Vision Infrared Wireless Foldable Headphone has an easy-to-fold design that enables them to fit perfectly in your seat bag, thus saving space. The headphones are made from food-grade material and are keenly engineered into a screwless design. This means that the headphones can withstand high temperature and will not oxidize or get rusty in car. They are safe for kids. Enjoy music, movies and more!

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