Wintec Value DDR3 8GB Memory Module
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Product Description

This Wintec Value 8GB Memory Module offers DDR3, which is the current mainstream DRAM technology that is standardized by JEDEC. This brings increased bandwidth over DDR2, as well as improvements in power consumption. This DDR3 laptop memory is available in power supply voltages of 1.5V and 1.35V. They feature data transfer rates from 800Mbps to 1.6Gbps and beyond, providing plenty of power to run memory-intensive programs while simultaneously running the system software in the background. The 8GB memory capacity will keep your computer running smoothly. All contacts of this laptop memory module are gold plated to provide quality connections. The bi-directional differential data strobe transmits and receives data. The fixed burst length of eight and burst chop of four via the mode register also contribute to the high-speed transfer rates. The on-die termination utilizes an ODT pin that can reduce complex wiring and a number of resistor elements on the motherboard.

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