Visionis FPC-5567 One Door Access Control 2,200lbs Electric Drop Bolt Safe Narrow Door with VIS-3002 Indoor use only Keypad/Reader Standalone No Software EM Card Compatible 500 Users and Receiver Kit
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Description The 5567 kit is a one door dropbolt access control kit. This system is mainly used to give access to a certain room, office or building (depending on your application) to certain people. The Visionis DP104ND-FSA-LED is a quality normally closed drop bolt lock for narrow doors that provides 2200lbs of reinforcement with LED and time delay. The drop bolt locks into place, giving the protection needed to secure the door. Depending on how you want the lock installed, you will be able to give that "hidden" appearance, similar to the shear lock. When the drop bolt is given power, the bolt extends and locks into place. This firmly secures the door as long as it has power going to it. With the time delay feature, you can set your delay to either 0, 3, 6, or 9 seconds. This particular drop bolt is Fail safe; meaning that in the case of a power outage, the bolt will retract and the door will become unlocked. This particular kit has two ways of access, wireless remote and keypad. You will be able to let people in by clicking on the wireless RF remote, the VIS-8005. The remote communicates with the wireless receiver, which can program up to 50 remotes, and it has a range of 150 feet. There are two main features on the receiver that will allow you to program the wireless receiver in two different ways. The default function of the receiver is that when the power is on, the dropbolt of your kit is locked and when you press the remote the dropbolt will unlock temporarily to open the door. The other function that the receiver has is the ON/Off feature. This feature is very similar to a light switch; when you program this option you would press the remote once and the door will unlock and remain unlocked until you press the button again. With the indoor keypad, the VIS-3002, you can gain access through three different options. You can enter a pin code onto the keypad, use a proximity card, and/or use a proximity key tag. This keypad will allow up to 500 users through either of the three access options. Since this is a standalone system, meaning that there is no software, it is recommended for you to keep a record of all personnel and their assigned user ID with key code, key card or key tag. On the keypad, you will notice a doorbell towards the right hand side. This will allow people from the outside to ring the doorbell and notify those inside that there is someone wanting to come in. Once someone has entered a programmed code, card, or tag, the dropbolt will disengage and allow for entrance. The lock will then engage again and remain closed until it is unlocked by one of the three access options. The VIS-7001 exit button will allow those from within the facility to exit when they push the button. Through the indoor keypad, you can program your delay from 0 to 99 seconds. The meaning of having a delay is setting a time until the dropbolt engages again. This kit has a 3 year warranty with full access to tech support in the USA! Specifications Model No. VIS-DP104ND-FSA-LED: Fail Safe: Unlocks if power is lost Face Plate: 150Lx25Wx37H (mm) 5.90Lx0.98Wx1.46H (in.) Bolt: 16mm (0.62in.) DIA Voltage: DC12V (DC24V) Solid Bolt: polishing housing, 1000Kg (2200lbs) Holding Force Suitable For: Electric Bolt For Narrow Door Signal Output: Door status Output, NO/COM Surface Temp.: Low Temperature Induction Distance: 8mm (0.31 in.) Model No. VIS-3002: 500 users capacityWith door bell button, convenient for visitor.Input voltage: DC12~24VMax reading distance: 5-8cmFrequency: 125KHzOutput format of card No.: Wiegand26Output format of pressing one key: 4bit, 8bit

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