TWO 2 Batteries + Charger for Samsung SMX-F400SN, Samsung SMX-F400SP, Samsung SMXF400SN, Samsung SMXF400SP
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2x 2400mAh Batteries + Charger Kit for Samsung IABP210, IA-BP210E, IA-BP210EEPP, AD43-00196A Battery Features:- High Quality Battery - Long Life Battery - Greater mAh than the genuine battery - No Memory Effect - Lets you recharge partially drained batteries - BrandNew - In factory sealed retail package - Built-In Safety Fuse - Prevents overcharging & lengthens battery life - Direct Plug-In wall charger in the back - No cable necessary - 110-220 Volts - Works in every country in the world - AC Car Adapter - Charge your battery at home or in your car - Super Fast Charger 600mA - Charges most batteries in 60-90 minutes - LED Charger Indicator - Red light: needs charging, Green light: charging is complete 2 Batteries + Charger for Samsung SMX-F400SN SMX-F400SP SMXF400SN SMXF400SPItem Includes - 2x BP210 2400mAh Batteries- Direct Plug-in Home wall charger - 12v Car Adapter - 1-Year WarrantyNot made by Samsung

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