Tropical Parrot on a Palm Leaf Wood Inlay Musical Jewelry Box - Yesterday
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Beautiful, Lovely green wooden finish hand inlaid to perfection "Parrot on Palm Leaves" theme gorgeous music jewelry box. This item is absolutely irresistable, has a great design with the most spectacular wooden finish and nice rosewood border, the amazing inlay that you will absolutely adore for the rest of your life, is made to last and last.Has an 18 note Swiss musical movement that will play in perfect harmony and bring peace, joy and smiles to all. Guaranteed to be a perfect gift idea! In addition, the beautiful and one of kind music box has flawless in lined velvet ring compartment, space for other personals and plastic cover for the movement! Made from the highest quality woods in the world, genuine top quality and is absolutely brand new in mint condition. Tune the wonderful song and Enjoy!! You can get this box without a musical movement and just as a jewelry/articles box only and save $25.00. Click on the inset image to enlarge and see both options in detail and just choose what you want below at the pull down menus...Thank you very much, your interest is appreciated in our art! Your satisfaction is always guaranteed at The Attic, let us know what we can do for you..... Dimensions: Length - 6.25"Width - 4.5"Height - 2.75"**PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT, A MUSIC BOX (PRICE AS SHOWN) OR A JEWELRY BOX THAT WILL BE 25.00 DOLLARS LESS, THANKS!

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