Tripp Lite OMNIVS800 800VA UPS
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The Tripp Lite OMNIVS800 800VA UPS is a line interactive system with seven outlets that offers voltage regulation and surge suppression. It has a long-lasting battery support for personal computers and other sensitive electronics. The internal UPS circuits support those entry-level PC systems for 60 minutes during power failures. The Tripp Lite UPS has Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) circuits to aid in low-voltage conditions. These assist to control occurrences such as brownouts as low as 83 volts, back to usable and safe 120V levels without using battery power. This line interactive ups system protects a broad range of electronic applications. This includes modems, fax machines, cordless phones and other peripherals with standard dial-up/DSL phone connections. The unit has a reliable battery recharge time of 4 hours. It's equipped with an On/OFF button, status LEDs and an alarm cancel button. The alarm cancel button allows for self-tests for added convenience.

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