Tripp Lite High Speed HDMI Gold Digital Video Cable, 12' P568-012
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Product Description

The 12' Tripp Lite HDMI High Speed Cable allows interconnection between digital display devices, such as DTV's (Digital Television), plasma displays, LCD TV's and projectors, to digital source devices, such as digital set-top boxes, DVD/DVD-R players and AV receivers. Supports iPad 2 video mirroring when used with Apple digital AV adapter. HDMI assures that the best video signal is always sent from source (HDTV signal, DVD player) to the display (projection television or plasma). The 12' Tripp Lite HDMI High Speed Cable does this by allowing uncompressed video and multi-channel audio data to be input to the display device through one single cable. An HDMI connection allows input at high rates of speed, up to 5Gbps. This leaves a lot of spare capacity for future applications; for example, a current uncompressed HD movie "only" requires 2.2Gbps for both video and multi-channel audio.

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