Tripp Lite DisplayPort Monitor Cable M/M, 25'
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Product Description

The Tripp Lite DisplayPort Monitor Cable is the new standard for a digital display interface. This cable utilizes digital audio and video interconnect, which is intended to be used between systems such as computer and display monitors or computers and home theater systems. It supports digital video/audio signals, similar to HDMI. DisplayPort, however, is geared more toward the computer market, where as HDMI dominates the home theater market. Tripp Lite's DisplayPort HDMI cable supports a maximum bandwidth of 10.8Gbps. It also offers DPCP (DisplayPort Content Protection), HDCP and resolutions up to 1080p. Simply put, this monitor cable allows you to take the image showing on your computer screen and display it directly on your television or other device, allowing both video and audio to be displayed.

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