T-Power (TM) Ac Dc adapter for Samsung GALAXY Tab S ( Fast Charger ) TabS Note Tab Pro Nexus 8.4'' 10.5'' 16gb 32gb TABLET Edition ( Fast Charger ) Replacement Power supply Cord
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Product Description

Compatible models: Samsung GALAXY Tab S TabS Note Tab Pro Nexus 8.4'' 10.5'' 16gb 32gb TABLET EditionSamsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4"Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5",Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 EditionSamsung Galaxy Tab ProGalaxy Note 8.0 2013 model Samsung Google Nexus(AT&T),(Verizon), (T-Mobile) (U.S. Cellular) (Sprint), Dazzling White, , Titanium Bronze ,Charcoal Gray Kids Lite , Nook SM-T700, SM-T707SM-T700, SM-T705, SM-T700NZWAXARSM-T707AHAAATTSM-T707VTSAVZWSM-T707VZWAVZWSM-T320NZKAXAR / SM-T320NZWAXARSGH-I467 , SGH-I467ZWAATTGT-P8110 GT-N5100 GT-N5110SM-P600, SM-P605 , SM-P607SM-P600 SM-P6000 SM-P6000ZWVXARSM-P6000ZKVXARSM-P6000ZWVXARSM-P6000ZWYXARSM-P605 SM-P605VZKEVZWSM-P607 SM-P607TZKETMBSM-T520NZWEXARSM-T800, SM-T805, SM-T807,SM-T800, SM-T805, SM-T800NZWAXAR / SM-T800NLSEXEFSM-T807RZWAUSCSM-T807TTSATMBSM-T807AHAAATTSM-T807PTSASPRSM-T807VZWAVZWT-Power ( TM ) (( 6 FOOT LONG data cable )) Designed to work with a variety of mobile phone and accessory device brands that charge via USB.Brand-new Input Volt Range: 100-240V 5V USB data cable can be used for charging or data transfer.Includes: USB charger, one microUSB charging and data cableCompatibility: Samsung GALAXY Tab S TabS Note Tab Pro Nexus 8.4'' 10.5'' 16gb 32gb TABLET EditionSM-T700, SM-T707 SM-T700, SM-T705, SM-T700NZWAXAR SM-T707AHAAATT SM-T707VTSAVZW SM-T707VZWAVZW SM-T320NZKAXAR / SM-T320NZWAXAR SGH-I467 , SGH-I467ZWAATT GT-P8110 GT-N5100 GT-N5110 SM-P600, SM-P605 , SM-P607 SM-P600 SM-P6000 SM-P6000ZWVXAR SM-P6000ZKVXAR SM-P6000ZWVXAR SM-P6000ZWYXAR SM-P605 SM-P605VZKEVZW SM-P607 SM-P607TZKETMB SM-T520NZWEXAR SM-T800, SM-T805, SM-T807, SM-T800, SM-T805, SM-T800NZWAXAR / SM-T800NLSEXEF SM-T807RZWAUSC SM-T807TTSATMB SM-T807AHAAATT SM-T807PTSASPR SM-T807VZWAVZW

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