StarTech Socket 478 CPU Cooler Fan with Heatsink and TX3 Connector
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Product Description

The StarTech Socket 478 CPU Cooler Fan is designed to give your CPU optimal cooling capacity. What makes this fan truly distinctive is its combination of a CPU fan and a heatsink. It will help to regulate your device's temperature and help it avoid overheating. This CPU cooler heatsink is easy to install and has a tx3 connector. It can be quickly mounted to the motherboard and it is compatible with most Intel Socket-478 based motherboards, including both Pentium and Celeron. It features a reliable 60mm ball bearing fan. This computer cooler fan provides an excellent airflow for your device. It also features a built-on aluminum heatsink, which is composed of closely spaced fins. This design helps to increase heat dissipation and provide a cooler operating environment for your CPU. The StarTech Socket 478 CPU Cooler Fan uses both a dependable fan and an effective heatsink to keep your computer working safely.

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