StarTech PCI Express to PCI Riser Card
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Product Description

The StarTech PCI Express to PCI Riser Card allows you to install a 32-bit PCI card into the PCIe slot on an Intel 1U IPC rack mount chassis. This versatile component part is ideal for adding additional space to your computer's video card as well as making alterations to your motherboard. This PCI Riser card 1U is a necessary accessory to keep on hand for nearly any Intel 1U chassis. It provides a simple and layman-friendly method of expanding system capabilities by adding I/O ports or a legacy PCI card to newer systems. The device provides an additional power connector for high powered PCI cards. The PCIe riser card is at 8.5" x 5.7" x 1.6" for nearly universal compatibility, for added convenience and ease of use. It firmly secures in place, folding away from the CPU and then over the lower motherboard slots.

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