StarTech Long Down Angle Apple 30-pin Dock Connector to USB Cable for iPhone/iPod/iPad with Stepped Connector, 2m
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Product Description

The StarTech Long Down Angle Apple 30 pin Dock Connector to USB Cable for iPhone, iPod and iPad features a down-angled Apple (30-pin) Dock Connector. This product is ideal for wall-mounted or stand-mounted applications because it positions the cable behind your iOS-enabled device for a neater installation that keeps the cable out of the way. The StarTech USB cable is made from high-quality 24 AWG wire designed to transmit data quickly. Reconnect and connect your devices to this cable countless times without trouble thanks to the durable connections. Use your device freely while connected to the USB cable for iPhone devices thanks to the 2m cord. Enjoy seamless data transfers with this cord rated at up to 480Mbps.

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