StarTech HD15 M/M Coax High Resolution Monitor VGA Cable, 30'
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Product Description

Get the StarTech VGA cable for your next computer building project or for upgrading your current display. It is designed to provide high-quality video for the purpose of watching videos or movies, or playing video games. This HD15 M/M coax monitor VGA cable is especially suited for high-resolution VGA applications of 1920x1200 and above to deliver optimum picture quality. It has a length of 30' and features two HD15 male connectors for fast, reliable signal transfers. This high-resolution male-to-male VGA cable is constructed of triple-coaxial and twisted-pair wire for a crystal clear display. Ferrite cores in the connectors offer superior protection from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference for a clear and reliable signal. This cable is impedance matched at 75 ohms for full brightness and vibrant picture color.

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