Walmart MXT101HQ3 Coax SVGA Monitor Extension Cable
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Product Description

This versatile MXT101HQ3 Coax SVGA Monitor Extension Cable is designed to provide high video quality through a VGA connection. It offers the ability to eliminate errors such as picture ghosting effects and blurry images that are inherent to non-coaxial cables. This male-to-female connection uses ferrite cores near the connector ends to decrease interference from other signals. The Startech monitor cable has an impedance of 75phms to ensure full brightness and provides true picture color. This device is ideal for connecting StarView KVM switches. The SVGA monitor cable offers a convenient way to extend connection by up to 3', while still maintaining superb image quality. The length of the cord gives ample extension from the monitor to the computer, providing the ability to arrange office space for better functionality. This useful extension hardware uses high-quality materials, for added longevity in your home computer equipment.

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