StarTech 6' Smart UPS Replacement USB Cable
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Product Description

Make sure your computer and power supply are well connected when you use this StarTech Smart UPS Replacement USB Cable. This is a 6' smart cable that features one USB Type A (male) connector and one 10-pin RJ45 male connector. The StarTech USB cable allows you to communicate from your computer, workstation or server to your UPS power supply. This insures you won't have any sudden blackouts or power outages that cause your system to lose power at the wrong time. A USB to RJ45 UPS cable can be used as a direct replacement of the AP9827. The 6' USB cable is made from high-quality construction, and the ferrite core eliminates EMI interference. Hook up this cable and you will have enough power to carry out your duties on your computer or workstation. Turn to StarTech for a reliable computer and power connection.

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