Startech 4-Port RS232 Mini PCI Express Serial Card with 16650 UART
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Product Description

Upgrade your system with the StarTech 4-Port RS232 Mini PCI Express Serial Card. It turns a mini-PCIe slot into four RS232 (DB9) serial ports with data rates up to 921.6Kbps. It's a cost-saving solution for adding serial support to embedded systems missing the functionality. This StarTech serial card with 16650 UARTA has a native PCIe single-chip design that enables you to take advantage of full PCI Express bus capability. It provides improved speed and reliability while reducing the load applied to the CPU by as much as 48 percent over conventional "bridge chip" serial cards. This 4-port serial card has 256-byte deep FIFO per transmitter and receiver. It also features in-band software flow control and automated out-of-band hardware flow control using RTS/CTS. A driver CD and an instructional manual are included to walk you through installation.

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