StarTech 300-Watt ATX PC Power Supply
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The high-quality StarTech 300W ATX PC Power Supply is a reliable upgrade for Intel Pentium II, III and AMD K6, Athlon-based systems. It also doubles as a replacement power supply for a broad selection of eMachines and other Gateway systems, offering you a flexible option for fixing your equipment. Constructed of high-quality components and designed to provide a long-lasting, durable power source for hard-working PCs, this 300W power supply has free lifetime technical support, so you can get the assistance you need anytime. It's designed with a temperature-controlled, high-flow fan to effectively cool the supply as needed. This StarTech power supply has a long life transformer and built-in short circuit protection, ensuring that you can get the reliable performance you want. The supply provides a maximum output of 300W of power. It has connectors that will give minimal resistance and enhanced conductivity.

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