StarTech 3' Apple 8-pin Lightning Connector to USB Cable for Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad, White
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Product Description

This StarTech 3' Apple 8-pin Lightning Connector to USB Cable is a high-quality and affordable back-up or replacement cable for your Apple electronic device. It is used to both charge and to sync your device. This StarTech USB cable for Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad is white in color to match your white mobile devices. It has one USB type A male connector and one Apple Lightning 8-pin male connector per cord. The white lightning cable can be used directly in the USB port of a Mac or PC or with a USB wall charging adapter or car adapter for mobile, on-the-go charging. As an added bonus, the reversible 8-pin Lightning connector can be plugged into your iOS-enabled device with either side facing up, meaning that there is no wrong way to insert the cable into your device. This is a convenient purchase whether or not you already have one cable.

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