Speedy Inks Compatible Printer Ribbon cartridge Replacement for Fujitsu CA02374-C104 (Black, 3-Pack)
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Product Description

3PK Compatible Fujitsu Black Printer Ribbon, CA02374-C104 for use in Compaq LA36N Compaq LA36W Digital Equipment (DEC) LA30N Digital Equipment (DEC) LA30W Fujitsu DL 3600E Fujitsu DL 3600L Fujitsu DL 3700 Fujitsu DL 3700 Pro Fujitsu DL 3750 + Fujitsu DL 3800 Color Printer Fujitsu DL 3800 Pro Fujitsu DL 3850 + Fujitsu DL 7400 Fujitsu DL 9300 Fujitsu DL 9400 Fujitsu DPK3600E Fujitsu DPK3600H Fujitsu DPK9600E Fujitsu M3388A - DL3700 Genicom LA36N Genicom LA36W TallyGenicom 960 TallyGenicom 965 TallyGenicom LA30R-KA TallyGenicom LA30N TallyGenicom LA30W TallyGenicom LA36W TallyGenicom LA36N TallyGenicom LA36W DIGITAL

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