Smart Caregiver WMC1-SYS 10 x 15 in. Wireless Fall Monitor with Corded Chair Weight-Sensing Pad & LCD Pager System
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Product Description

The Wireless Fall Monitor is ideally placed on the wheel chair and then connected to a corded weight-sensing chair pad. The pad is placed under the resident and when the resident gets up from the pad it will send a silent, wireless signal to the caregiver pager. If the weight is re-applied to the chair pad, the monitor will automatically reset. The Wireless Fall Monitor and Wireless Pager system is designed to send and receive alerts remotely via wireless pager to notify the caregiver. For facility or in-home use. FeaturesMonitor transmits 433mhz wireless signal to a local pager to notify the caregiver outside the room to decrease noise and resident anxietyAuto-reset monitor automatically resets when weight is re-applied to connected weight-sensing pad or matLow battery light notifies caregiver that batteries should be changedCheck pad light indicates that connection to bed sensor pad h

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