Saint Ulrich Religious Medal - 3/4 Inch Size of a Nickel -Sterling Silver
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CHAIN IS NOT INCLUDED Available in Solid 14K Yellow Gold, White Gold, & Sterling Silver Size Reference: 17mm is the size of a US dime 21mm is the size of a US nickel 24mm is the size of a US quarter Color Laser is a patent pending process, color is guaranteed to last forever Color Medals can be worn in the pool, shower, etc. without affecting the image. We guarantee it. St Senara is the patron saint of Zennor little is known of her historically, but a legend connects her with a Princess Asenora of Brittany who married a King Goello. Her stepmother, jealous of her beauty and virtue, accused her of infidelity and she was condemned to be burnt. However, when it was discovered that she was with child, her gaolers nailed her into a barrel which they threw into the sea, to avoid being guilty of the murder of the unborn child. She was miraculously fed by an angel, bore her child in the barrel, and was eventually washed up on the coast of Ireland. Her son was called Budoc (the drowned one). He despaired of the Irish, so he and his mother returned to Brittany at the request of the now penitent King Goello who had discovered that his wife was innocent. On their way to Brittany they stopped at Cornwall and founded the parishes of Zennor, and Budoc (near Falmouth).

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