Remote Control HD Video Recorder Infrared 720p DVR Camera
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Remote Control HD Video Recorder Infrared 720p DVR Camera, ouch! Why so long-winded!? Lots offered here, Let us explainIt's a simple and affordable security camera solution to provide security for your home and peace of mind for your family. Its motion activated to record crystal clear video of any suspicious activity, day or night.FEATURESAlarm Motion Sensor DesignDesigned to emulate a common home security alarm sensor, it will be disregarded as a simple security sensor. Which means maids, nannies, cleaning services, and other guests who have access to your house wont think otherwise. Better yet theyll unsuspectingly do what they normally do.HD VideoIt uses a Sony 1/3 CCD pinhole camera with imaging processor that records video at 1280x720 (HD) resolution with 30fps frame rate.Infrared Night Time Recording CapabilityIntegrated infrared allows the camera to see and record everything even under the cover of darkness. Its infrared ray can't be picked up by the human eye so it can record without lighting up a room or alerting a burglar.Motion DetectionA motion sensor is integrated to the camera that can detect up to 30 feet during the day and 25 feet in the darkest of nights.Cycle RecordingFor a typical low activity room expect up to 30 days or more before filling up a 32GB MicroSD memory card. Once full it can overwrite the oldest data first in a cycle loop record.Time & Date WatermarkEvidence needs a date and time, that said the HomeSecur watermarks the date and time on the video itself and stamps the creation date/time to the video file. Tried and tested in many victory cases around the nation.NOTEWORTHY FEATURESHidden InfraredMotion Detection (Day: 30 feet and Night: 25 feet)Date and Time Video WatermarkRCA OutputWireless Remote ControlMemory Card Type: Compatible with 8GB - 32GB MicroSD

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