Prevue Pet Products Mimic Me Voice Recording Unit for Birds
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Prevue Pet Products Mimic Me Voice-Recording Unit helps bird owners teach their pet new words and phrases in their own true voice. Recording and playing back words and phrases in your own voice will help teach your bird to mimic or talk. You'll love the connection and your bird will love the attention. Birds are social creatures and desire the opportunity to interact. Speaking birds already mimic sounds they hear regularly; the more language they are exposed to, the more they will learn to talk. Mimic Me has been engineered for high-quality sound and is very easy to use. Simply record your message and press play the recording will play back your words, phrases or brief songs (up to 10 seconds long) in one of two repetition modes. Messages can be different for either of the two modes and can be recorded over repeatedly. Do not place the Mimic Me inside your bird's cage.

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