Polaroid Viewfinder w/3x Magnification Zoom ? for DSLR Cameras w/Display Screens 3? to 3.2?
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A better viewfinder. For better results. Polaroid?s new viewfinder with manual zoom is perfect for professional DSLR users who want better control when working outdoors or near strong ambient light. It rests directly on the camera and seals off the entire display from sunlight and other distractions. The attached eyecup is designed to generously embrace the entire eye, and provides for a new level of ?anchored? stability when shooting. Try it once, and both your photography and videography will improve. You?ll wonder how you ever worked outdoors without it. Zero-Bleed Viewfinder The viewfinder completely seals off your DSLR?s display from any source of exterior light. Designed to fit screens ranging from 3 to 3.2 inches in size, it is compatible with thousands of entry-level and pro-grade DSLR camera makes and models. 3x Integrated Zoom Get an even better view of your display with the viewfinder?s integrated zoom ring. Rotate clockwise to zoom in, counterclockwise to zoom out. This also offers a great application for zooming in on on-camera photo and video playback. Coated Optical Glass The viewfinder?s dual lenses are made of professionally coated optical glass. This premium material delivers a crisp image with zero distortion or color aberration. Looking through the viewfinder feels as natural as looking directly as the display. Flip-Cap LCD Hood Once it?s fitted to your camera, the viewfinder?s eyecup portion can flip upward thanks to a neat hinge design. This enables you to switch between viewfinder mode and display hood mode with a flick of your finger.

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