Philips USA 9" Dual Widescreen Portable DVD Player Refurbished
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Product Description

The Philips 9" Widescreen Portable DVD Player allows you to travel with your movie collection. The dual-screen system of this USA Philips Widescreen Portable DVD Player allows multiple users to share the movies. TFT color display produces stunning imaging while the 9" widescreen features 16:9 aspect ratio to keep the images proportional. The 480 x 234 display resolution formats your content correctly on the screen. Built-in stereo speakers produce high-quality sound. The Philips 9" Dual Screen Portable DVD Player supports multiple playback formats, such as CD-RW, DVD, MP3-CD, JPEG compatible, DVD-R/RW and (S)VCD. The Philips 9" Widescreen Portable DVD Player will provide hours of quality entertainment while you are on the go.

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