Opteka FF180 Reversible Follow Focus with 10" Whip and Speed Crank for Digital SLR and Video Cameras
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Product Description

No matter what your camera, Opteka's FF180 Follow Focus lends your video production the smooth, precise focus control of a big-budget film. Whether shooting with a fixed-lens camcorder, interchangeable cinema lenses, or a video-capable DSLR, the precision-machined FF180 Follow Focus system provides repeatable, accurate focusing. The Opteka Follow Focus Speed Crank for DSLR Rigs with Follow Focus features a 12x12mm universal fit, designed to be used in conjunction with follow focus systems, such as the Opteka FF180 Reversible Follow Focus, to achieve nimble and accurate focusing. It can be operated by an assistant camera operator for maximum precision and control. Fabricated from high quality, machined aircraft-grade aluminum, the Opteka Follow Focus Speed Crank for DSLR Rigs with Follow Focus is easy to attach and remove to the center of the follow focus rig with a 12mm fit and allows for quick precision and accurate focusing.The Opteka whip fits any follow focus accessory port and extends the focus wheel for easy access to focusing when the camera is in tight or inaccessible places. It is also a great tool to reduce camera shake.Features~ For Camcorders & DSLRs~ Smooth, Precise Focusing~ Gear-driven Design~ 3D Marking Disk for Repeatable Focus~ 0.8 Film Pitch Gearing~ Easily switchable to either side of camera~ 3D marking disk allows focus marks to be easily viewed by operator or assistant~ Constructed of high quality, machined aircraft-grade aluminum~ Lightweight designSpecifications Rail Mount: 15mm Rail Spacing: 60mmWeight: 15.6 oz (443g)

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