Opteka BG-E14 Replacement Vertical Shutter Release Battery Pack Grip for Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera
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Product Description

Opteka is proud to be allowed to use the same factory and mold as Canon's original battery grip. Opteka is one of the world's leading producers of high-performance batteries and accessories.The BG-70D will hold up to 2 Canon LP-E6 batteries to offer a greater shooting duration and also can be used with 6 AA batteries. This not only increases shooting times but also means that the universally available AA batteries can be used in the event that your lithium ion batteries fail. Built with Opteka's "Sure Grip Technology" for added stability & security. The vertical shutter release also makes shooting with the camera in a vertical position just as comfortable as shooting horizontally.Features include shutter release, main dial, AF point selection, AF/FE lock, index, aperture, exposure compensation button and reduce button functions are all replicated on the grip, making operation of the camera more convenient when shooting in the portrait format.

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