Opteka BD-10 Studio 23-Inch DSLR Digital Camera Dish Dome Flash Portrait Shadow Reflector Diffuser Diverter Studio Light for Canon Speedlite 430EX 540EZ 550EX 580EX 600EX-RT 90 480 540 550 580 600 II
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Product Description

The Opteka BD-10 acts as a diffuser, reflector and light diverter and is designed to fit most external camera flashes. The BD-10 consists of two main elements -- a large white outer collar dish and an inverted silver cone mounted within. Light bounces from the flash to the cones silvered surface then to the white material giving your subject an even, flattering lift.What's in the box~ White outer dish~ Silver inner reflector dish~ Mounting dome~ Velcro strap for mounting~ Rubber strap to secure mounting~ User guide~ 1 Year warranty

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