Opteka 58mm Lens Adapter for Olympus SP-590 UZ Digital Camera (CLA-11 Replacement)
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Product Description

All-metal Adapter Tube for the Olympus SP-590 UZ Digital Camera with 58mm Front Diameter.The Adapter Tube screws directly into the outer lens barrel of your Olympus SP590 and allows the use of all 58mm Lens Accessories such as filters and conversion lenses.2-Piece Adapter Tube with BLACK finish.The narrower tube is used alone for attaching 58mm Diameter Wide-Angle Conversion lenses to avoid vignette. Both tubes are used in conjunction when attaching a Telephoto Lens.PLEASE NOTE: Both pieces can be used together at any time; however, you may experience more of the vignette (corner shadows) when using the full tube at an extreme Wide-Angle lens setting.

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