OMNIHIL AC/DC Adapter/Adaptor for Toshiba Portege, Satellite, Chromebook 2, Radius, Tecra, KIRAbook Replacement Power Supply Home Wall Laptop Charger
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OMNIHIL AC/DC AdapterCompatible Models: WT20-B2100; Z20T-B2110W8; Z20t-B2110 ; Z20t-B2111W8 ; Z20t-B2111 ; Z20t-B2112 ; Z20t-B2112W8 ; 2 CB35-B3330; 2 CB35-B3340; 2 CB35-C3300; 2 CB35-C3350; G71c000ep210 G71c000ep110; G71c000en210 G71c000en110; Pa5072u-1aca A045r007l; C50-CBT2N01; Pa5072e-1ac3 A045r008l; C50-CBT2N11; C70D-CST2NX1; C50-BBT2N11; C70D-CBT2N11; C50-CBT2N02; C70-CBT2N11; C50-CBT2N03; BC55DT-B5153; CL45-C4330; CL45-C4332; L50-CBT2N22; L50D-CBT2N22; L50D-CBT2NX2; L50-CBT2NX4; L70-CST2NX1; L70-CBT2N22; L50-CBT2G22; L50-CBT2NX2; L70-CBT2G22; L50-CBT2NX3; L70-CST2NX2; S50-CST3GX1; S50-CST3GX2; S50T-CST3GX1; S50T-CST3GX2; Click 2 BL35W-B3204; Fusion 15 L50W-CBT2N01; Fusion 15 L50W-CBT2N02; 14 E40W-CST3N01; 14 E40W-CBT2N01; 15 P50W-CST3NX1; 12 P20W-CST3N02; 15 P50W-CBT3N23; 12 P20W-CST3N01; 15 P50W-CST3NX2; 11 L10W-CBT2N02; 11 L10W-CBT2N01; 11 BL15W-B1208; Z30-BST3NX5; Z30-BSMBN22; Z30-BST3NX6; Adapter Rating: World Wide 100V ~ 240V 50/60Hz

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