OMNIHIL (5FT) DC Car Adapter/Charger for RCA Portable Dvd Player
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Product Description

OMNIHIL Car AdapterCompatible Models: BRC3073, BRC3087, BRC3108, BRC3109, DRC6272, DRC6282, DRC6289, DRC6292, DRC6296, DRC6309, DRC6317, DRC6327, DRC97983, DRC6317E, DRC6307E, DRC6318E, DRC6327E, DRC6327EC, DRC6327EL, DRC6338EL, DRC99371E, DRC99373E, DRC99381E, DRC99381E, DRC6331, DRC6338, DRC6368, DRC6377, DRC6389, DRC69702, DRC69705, DRC97283, DRC97983, DRC6331B, DRC6331K, DRC6331R, DRC6338R, DRC6338T, DRC99310K, DRC99310U, DRC99370U, DRC9937OU, DRC99380U, DRC99380U, DRC99370, DRC99380, DRC99382, DRC99390, DRC99392, DRC99731 Adapter Rating: World Wide 100V-120V 50/60HzHigh Quality PSU/Transformer

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