NTC NTC0064 Gaming Mouse Keyboard Pad Stitched Edges
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Product Description

FeaturesRazer goliathus xl extended gaming mouse/keyboard pad size.Razer goliathus mouse pads feature a very durable cloth-like surface with a double stitched edge.Which eliminates the issues with fraying or peeling as is commonly associated with traditional mouse pads.At 3 feet long, this pad is long enough to accomodate your keyboard and your mouse.With plenty of room for mouse movement and the new sleek design will surely be a focal point of attention on your desk.This pad also features a rubber non-slip bottom.So you can be sure that it will stay where you put it.36 x 11.5 x 12 in.Thick precision control surface.Heavy duty stitched edge .Slip resistant rubber bottom .- SKU: NPTD1064

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