Multifunction IR Nightvision CCTV DVR Motion Detect Bulb Security Cam
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Multifunction IR Nightvision CCTV DVR Motion Detect Bulb Security Cam, ouch! Why so long-winded!? Lots offered here, Let us explainThis is the ultimate affordable low maintenance security solution for home and business owners. It has a high-quality built-in motion sensor surrounded by invisible IR lights that captures video all day and night in perfect clarity. FEATURESRecord your EvidenceWith the iBulb subtle integration into the interior decoration your home, thieves will walk by and look passed. It will be just another light bulb, attracting absolutely no attention. That way, you can catch a vandal in the act, and even compile evidence for weeks or months on end without alerting anyone.Record for MonthsThe iBulb is designed for long-term surveillance of sensitive locations, like a porch, patio, driveway, garage, retail cash registers, cash rooms, entrances and exits, nurseries, any room with a safe, staircase, loading bays, or offices where building security systems either do not reach or are not enough. In motion detection mode, you can record these locations for months before filling a MicroSD memory card. In high-traffic areas that require constant monitoring, it will record continuously for over a week before looping (overwriting eldest video data).High Capacity MemoryIt records high-quality 3GP video onto MicroSD memory cards with up to 64GB capacity. You have your choice of frame rate and resolution, which you can adjust depending on how frequently you are able to check your footage or how crisp you need it to be.Universal DesignThe iBulb fits into any E27 light socket, the standard size, and design for light fixtures throughout the United States. Installation is as easy as screwing it in.Multiple Recording OptionsThe standard setting for iBulb video is a 640x480 resolution at 12 frames per second. You can also opt for a 352x288 resolution to conserve space on your memory card. Real-Time mode allows you to record constantly no matter the motion, or save additional space by utilizing the record on motion detection only mode (default). The iBulb senses any movement within an 30 foot 120 degree fan spread and records only when there is action to catch. During Motion Detection mode, it scans the environment in real-time until movement is detected, at which point it shoots at 12 frames-per-second until the motion stops. Depending on how heavy the foot traffic is within its range, the Motion Detection mode can potentially allow you to record for months before filling your memory card, at which point it will continue to record by replacing the oldest footage with the newest.Crystal Clear Night VisionIt has custom set of 940nm infrared LED lights surrounding its high-end CMOS Lens. This illuminates the scene for the camera without adding any visible light to the room, keeping the unit from being obvious while capturing every piece of the action, day or night.Watermarked Date and TimeWhether you are checking your footage once a week or every month, it will be easy to pinpoint the exact moment any given incident took place. Plus, video files are saved and categorized and labeled with the date and time, so finding the footage you need on your computer is simple and fast.High Quality ConstructionA strong and attractive polyurethane body encases the unit AMR9 32-bit Microprocessor, with long-lasting commercial grade components integrated throughout.Adjustable AnglesIt comes with a sturdy, bendable goose-neck attachment to increase its angle range and flexibility. With this connected, you can get any angle you want, ensuring a perfect view no matter where the closest light socket is.

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