Monoprice Tilting HDTV Wall Mount Bracket (max 200 lbs, 37~63", VESA 400x400~800x500)
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One of the great things about the new HDTVs is that they can be easily mounted to a wall, which frees the top of your furniture from a big heavy television and provides theater-like viewing angles, all in the comfort of your own home.When purchasing a wall mount there are several basic considerations. The first is the weight of your display versus the weight limit of the mount. You should look for a mount with a weight capacity that exceeds the weight of your TV by at least 50 percent. The reason for this is that the rated weight capacity of a mount is the absolute maximum weight it can withstand without incurring a structural failure of some kind. Also, the weight of the mount itself is included in the maximum capacity.The second thing to look for is a mount that can accommodate the mounting holes on the back of your TV. The actual size of the display itself (e.g., 42") is of almost no concern. The owner's manual of your TV should show the VESA size required, which is measured in millimeters.The third thing to look for is the type of mount. In general, there are three basic types: fixed, tilting, and fully articulating with tilt, swivel, and extension. Which you should choose depends entirely on your needs and your budget.This mount has the following features:Mount Type: TiltingWall Type: anyMinimum VESA: 400x400Maximum VESA: 800x500Weight Capacity: 200 lbsTypical Display Size: 37~63"Minimum Extension: 3"Maximum Extension: N/ATilt Range: 5 to -15Swivel Range: N/AMaterial: SteelWall Plate Dimensions: 33.6" x 8.5"Front Plate Dimensions: N/AFeatures: fits VESA 400x400~800x500, includes security brackets, black color, hardware included

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