Marine Radio VHF and AIS Coaxial Antenna Cable with Silver Teflon PL-259 RG8x-W-PL259-50ft Made in the U.S.A. 50 Ft
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Marine Antenna Cables must face rough weather and flexible enough for tight quarters. A land based RF antenna installation can be repaired and replaced as needed but on-board water craft cable is much more difficult to install/replace.MPD Digital USES USA MADE 96% SHIELDED PURE COPPER or DOUBLE SHIELDED MARINE GRADE CABLE Fully Shielded-UV Protected-Salt Tested - UL Certified Marine Grade Coaxial Cable for Marine and all VHF AIS RF Radio Antennas.USA MADE to MPD Quality Standards - Swept with Bird Site Hawk SK-4000 to assure VSWR less than 1:1.35 Marine Grade Cable with Silver Teflon UHF Connectors designed for 15 year Outdoor Exposure in Salt Environments.Custom Configurations and Special Orders at No Extra Charge60 DAY RETURNS and 1 YEAR FREE EXCHANGE on ALL MPD MARINE CABLESYour Marine Install is no place for Cheap 80% Shielded Adulterated Coax shipped from China! Nothing is worse than having a cable fail at a critical time. Not only can it risk your safety and cost, but it can also ruin your Radio Equipment. At MPD Digital we know how difficult it can be to choose the right wire for your unique maritime applications. Our Ultra Low Loss Coaxial cable is designed to transfer your radio transmitter's energy to your antenna with as little loss as possible. It is precisely made, with the correct impedance for Marine VHF and AIS installations.We offer both RG-8X, and LMR400 for VHF and AIS radio installations. Use the largest coax you can fit to reduce signal loss. MPD 400 & RG8x 1/4 inch Marine Coax with up to 70% Less Loss than RG-58 and Flexible for Marine Installation!We Do NOT recommend RG-58 for Marine Radio installations. RG-8x is a fraction larger and just as flexible with MUCH lower loss. Bigger coax reduces signal loss between radio and antenna. ALL of the cable MPD Digital uses in its proprietary RF Assemblies is made to US MILITARY Specifications MIL-C-17, JAN-C-17 and others such as M17/28-RG58, M17/74-RG213 and M17/75-RG214.

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