Longer Video Recording w/ ClockCam Mini Clock Radio Camera
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Longer Video Recording w/ ClockCam Mini Clock Radio Camera, ouch! Why so long-winded!? Lots offered here, Let us explainThis modern night stand clock is multi functional audio/video player and camera all-in-one. In short it offers professional grade night vision, cycle video recording, and video playback on its 2" LCD screen. FEATURESThe CameraThe built-in behind the screen cover the camera is out of sight. It records high resolution at 640x464 video at 30 frames per second.Records in Night VisionA night vision lens and chipset supplemented by invisible pure infrared lights allow the Clock Cam to get amazing video even in pitch black nights. The camera will never emit any light in the process, so vandles will never be the wiser.Stores Video for 30 DaysThe Clock Cam also offers a high compression mode that reduces the resolution to 320x240 in order to increase the amount you can store and let you record longer without having to overwrite footage too soon. In high compression mode, the Clock Cam can keep recording for 30 days straight. Plus, cycle recording replaces the oldest footage with the newest if you exceed the memory limit, so you can record indefinitely.Sharp High Tech AppearanceWith a portable metallic body comprised of anodized aluminum and a crisp HD display, the Clock Cam is an attractive and innocuous addition to any environment. It measures only 3.2 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches, making it extremely portable and easy to place wherever you need it.Private Access Video FeatureOnly the owner knows how to access the video recording features, by using a special combination of buttons described in the manual. The video playback menu is also protected from third party playback. You can playback videos with the built-in LCD mini screen, but once again, only if you have the key combination.Backup Rechargeable BatteryThe Clock Cam plugs in just like a regular nightstand clock, but also includes a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that can keep going for 4 hours in the event of power loss or you just need to take it with you.Music Player and ClockA nightstand clock is a perfect cover for a camera, but the Clock Cam goes one step further. The built-in music player accepts most common audio files including MP3, WAV, ACC, and WMA. You can load music onto a MicroSD card or use the line-in jack in the rear to play tunes from your personal music player. It also has a Radio.HD mini ScreenThe Clock Cam has a bright 2 inches HD LCD screen that displays the time and allows the user to navigate music and menu options. You can also load movie files onto a MicroSD card in MP4, 3PG, AVI, or ASF formats to watch on the screen.Surround Boom SpeakersDespite their small stature, advanced 3-watt Surround Boom speakers deliver incredible sound, making the Clock Cam a great way to listen to music in the kitchen while your prepare dinner, during your workday at the office, or anywhere else.MicroSD and CompatibilityRecordings are stored on MicroSD cards which can be uploaded to your computer using an included USB cable or USB memory card reader. When using a USB memory card reader this device is compatible with both Mac and PC computers. We recommend using a standard 2GB 32GB MicroSD / MicroSDHC memory card.PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONHQ Video Recording Resolution: 640x464Long Range Motion Detection3-watt stereo speaker2" HD LCD mini screenPrivate Access - use special button combination to lock the camera.ClockCam is designed to use a standard outlet like most nightstand clocks.Backup Battery Life: 4 hours battery lifeLongterm Video Recording and Storage

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