Kensington Combination Ultra Laptop Lock
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Product Description

Protect your laptop and personal information with the Kensington Combination Laptop Lock. The push-button design offers one-hand operation for easy installation while the T-bar secures the lock to your laptop. This Kensington Ultra Laptop Lock features a keyless four-wheel combination that is easily resettable and offers 10,000 possible combinations. Simply anchor the lock to a desk, table or fixed structure and you are ultra-secured. Excellent for professionals and students alike, this Kensington Laptop Lock ensures that you can leave your laptop in a crowded cafe, library or other public place for a few moments without worrying it won't be there when you turn around. For peace of mind and security, this laptop lock is a smart choice. Not only is this lock effective at preventing theft, it is also an excellent deterrent, intimidating would-be-thieves out of making a try for it.

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