Kenko KE49CRPL E-Series 49mm Circular Polarizer Digital Filter
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Product Description

Give your photography work the visual support it needs with the 49mm Circular Polarizer Digital Filter from Kenko!Part of Kenko E Series, the 49mm Filter is designed to increase color saturation and improve an images overall quality. Most modern SLR cameras use a polarizing half mirror (split beam metering) system and the Polarizer Filter is designed to be used with them. The Filter begins by eliminating glare and reflections from nonmetallic surfaces such as glass and water. If youre shooting outside on a nice day, the Polarizer Filter also darkens blue skies so white clouds stand out. Furthermore, the 49mm reduce the softness in scenery caused by atmospheric haze. And while it does great work on your photography, the Filter does not change the overall color balance of a photograph at all.With the Kenko 49mm Circular Polarizer Digital Filter, you have just the visual accessory you need for a smooth and successful shoot!

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