iPieces Snakes and Ladders Game
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Snakes are rattling, hissing and up to no good in the iPieces Snakes and Ladders Game. It modernizes the classic game and comes to life right in front of players' eyes. This iPieces game turns any iPad into a tool used for fun family game nights. This family friendly game features scenes from the Wild West for an exciting and adventurous time. In this snakes game, players tap the electronic game die to roll it. They then move their specially designed piece across the game board hoping to be the first to reach the finish line. When a player lands on a ladder space, they will put a ladder piece on the surface and leap ahead a certain amount of spaces, getting closer to finish. If they land on a snake, they slide down its body moving backward a few spaces. Prairie dogs, tumbleweeds and other colorful, animated touches make this a fun game for the whole family.

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