I3ePro BP-OKTO12 12" Tripod for Canon EOS M10
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Product Description

The I3ePro BP-OKTO12 is a photographer's ultimate bag accessory. Three sturdy tripod legs with alternating red and black grip tips ensure maximum traction on practically any surface! The legs and center channel are built with a solid aluminum frame and the head is built with a durable plastic finish. There's a reason why we call it the Octopus tripod and it's because the legs create a friction grip to most surfaces without sliding and it's sturdy enough to mount full frame DSLR cameras. The 360 degree bendable legs allows you to be flexible with your shooting techniques and assists you in landing crisp clean shots every single time. The quick release plate allows you to rapidly remove the camera from the OKTO12 and shoot in hand and it's ideal for shooting with both the camera in hand and on a tripod. Finally the bubble level helps you take leveled images and lessens the need for leveling your photos using editing software. Now put away your full-size tripod and throw the OKTO12 in you

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