Healthful Naturals Skin Tag Remover - 15ml
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Enjoy smoother skin Healthful Naturals Skin Tag Remover. All natural homeopathic formula helps remove skin cell overgrowth using natural ingredients, including active ingredient thuja occidentalis, in a base of cedar leaf oil, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil and ricinus communis seed oil. Applicator brush makes treatment precise and easy. Just apply three times daily and watch your skin tags disappear. For most people results can be seen in three to six weeks. This skin tag treatment is ideal for symptomatic treatment without expensive, painful dermatologist visits. Non-toxic and all natural, Healthful Naturals Skin Tag Remover is a safe, topical homeopathic remedy for those who prefer natural healing methods and holistic approaches to wellness. For external use only. 15 ml.No need to see your dermatologist for smoother skin with this all natural at home treatment for skin tagsTopical homeopathic remedy helps remove skin cell overgrowth with Thuja occidentalis, an ingredient that has been used for hundreds of years in homeopathy to treat skin conditionsBrush on applicator allows for easy application three times daily with no need to coverFree of artificial fragrances, parabens, synthetic or petrochemicals, Healthful Naturals Skin Tag Remover is a safe, effective topical homeopathic remedy for removal of skin tagsEssential oil base contains the oils of cedar leaf (Thuja), tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and castor seed (ricinus communis)

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