Hans Rudolph 7600 Series V2 Full Face CPAP Mask & Headgear - Xsmall - (Red)
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The 7600 Series V2 Full Face CPAP Mask is a single molded mask frame and cushion that is contoured to fit over the chin. This mask manufactured by Hans Rudolph is designed to offer enhanced flexibility by allowing users to choose between 5 different sizes. The V2 is an upgraded version that features a new Tri-Glide headgear design. It has an improved seal design that includes a facial sealing membrane. The silicone walls have thinned reducing the overall weight of the mask. There are new quick-release strap clips and the CO2 vent has been moved to the elbow from the top of the mask. For adding more comfort to the mask users the mask manufacturers have provided a nose brace just above the anti-asphyxia valvethat supports the face piece. The mask has a detachable swivel that can be disconnected from the mask without removing the mask.This latex-free mask is dishwasher and autoclave safe and is hypoallergenic. Also, its replacement parts are available at economical prices. The innovatively designed headgear uses a polyurethane foam strap made of nylon and has quick release clips. The Tri-Glide feature of the 7600 Series V2 mask allows users to loosen or tighten the strap at the top of your headgear for an enhanced fit. The mask now operates more silently as the venting ports are placed above the anti-asphyxia valve, which directs air away from your body.

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