Green Lantern ringglbluelantss-12-Size 12 Green Lantern Blue Lantern Symbol Stainless Steel Ring - Size 12
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Blue Lantern Symbol Stainless Steel Ring Who needs the Emerald Light when you have the Blue! As a Blue Lantern, you draw, chamber, and utilize the power of universal HOPE the coalesced and very blue hope energy of all sentient beings residing in the Emotional Spectrum! And how do you "utilize" said hope energy With a Blue Lantern Ring, of course. Made from a gleaming and solid stainless steel, our Blue Lantern Symbol Stainless Steel Ring features a carefully rendered Blue Lantern symbol layering a blue enamel base. And yes, this blue base means this particular Power Ring is ready to project unstoppable blue constructs, or charge the rings of more altruistic Lantern Corps. And yes, this carefully constructed Blue Lantern Ring comes in a collectible gift box! This tri-folding gift box with official DC Comics indicia makes for an exquisite ring display and seals with a helpful, magnetized flap! SpecificationsColor: BlueSize: 12Material: Stainless Steel- SKU: MNMR71225

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