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Vyncs Pro is a Real-Time GPS tracking system (60 sec GPS, Live Map + all features of Vyncs Basic) that comes with a complete set of connected car services. The data comes to your account in real-time as the vehicle is driven. You can browse the information using your desktop computer or Android/iOS smartphones. Plugs into the OBD-II port of your car. If your vehicle does not have an OBD-II port or you do not want to use the OBD-II port for some reason then use our 12V power adapter to connect the Vyncs device. VYNCS BASIC: Our standard 3G real-time GPS tracker product for consumers.VYNCS PREMIUM: Standard Vyncs along with one year emergency roadside assistance (available only in USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico). VYNCS PRO: Vyncs with 60 seconds GPS update and Live Map Auto Refresh (map automatically refreshing as new GPS data comes in). VYNCS MO: Vyncs tracker with the added flexible monthly payment process for the 3G data plan. VYNCS FLEET: It is the fleet version of Vyncs with many features for commercial fleets including support for more than 5 vehicles in an account. VYNCS OBD-II EXTENSION CABLE: Optional extension cable for installing the Vyncs device. The only cable tested to work with Vyncs. Use of any other cable is not recommended. VYNCS 12V POWER ADAPTER: used to power the Vyncs device using 12V non OBD power source in a vehicle (e.g. heavy duty trucks).

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