Gomadic Intelligent Compact AC Home Wall Charger suitable for the Withings Smart Baby Monitor - High output power with a convenient, foldable plug des
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The Withings Smart Baby Monitor is not an inexpensive device, so why risk damaging it with a cheap wall chargerWhen it comes to safely powering devices, Gomadic chargers have always stood alone. We have been in the power accessory business since 2001 and continue to innovate in power circuit design and miniaturization. Our Withings Smart Baby Monitor Travel Wall Charger is a very powerful (high wattage), very compact (measures around 2.5 inches diagonally with foldable wall plug), and very well made (backed by lifetime warranty) accessory. Top it off with our upgradeable and interchangeable Gomadic Tip Exchange Technology, and this will most certainly be the last charger you ever buy.

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