GE 6-Outlet Wall Plug Adapter, Extra Wide Spaced Outlets, White, 50759
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Product Description

Multiply your grounded outlets without the cord clutter using the GE 6-Outlet Wall Plug Adapter. The easy-to-install adapter converts two grounded (3-prong) outlets into six outlets and completely covers the existing wall plate for a seamless look. Install the power outlet adapter to your receptacle to add more outlets for your electronics. Its unique design provides for the extra space needed for big, bulky adapter plugs or adding extra outlets to your current receptacles. It can be used for home offices, home theaters and much more to conveniently give you more places to plug devices into. Use it to keep wires neatly in one place, rather than being strung out to reach other outlets. The GE 6-Outlet Wall Plug Adapter has a screw included to hold it securely and firmly in place without allowing it to become disconnected. Get more power outlet options with the GE 6-Outlet Wall Plug Adapter.

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