G.U.S Android/USB-C Charging Station, Detachable Universal Multi-Port USB Charging Station Desktop and Bedside Charging Stand Organizer. Black Leatherette PLUS Cable Ties & Set of 4 Cables
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Product Description

Consolidate charging with this small and sleek solution. By holding 2 cell phones vertically, this Compact Charging Station allows messages to be read while phones are charging and can work double duty as the perfect bedside alarm stand. Take the hassle out of charging with a built-in USB, room for tablets, pads, and e-readers, all while taking up less space than the length of a pen! Available in 4 finishes: Bamboo, Cherry, Black Leatherette, and white Leatherette. A set of 4 Short Device Cables for Android Devices accepting USB TYPE-C connectors is included with this selection. Please see above options.

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