FSR- FLEXIBLE SILICON RINGS -Men and Ladies Wedding Band Ring Set 8MM/6MM RED Flexible Silicon Rubber
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Product Description

HYPOALLERGENIC - FLEXIBLE - HEAT RESISTANT - COMFORTABLE - DURABLE - UNIQUE SILICONE - UNIQUE DESIGN - STRECHY Our hypo-allergenic medical grade silicone, This ring can be worn as a Wedding Band or Promise Ring by men or women. These wedding rings are durable and a great alternative for traditional wedding bands, if you lead an active lifestyle or have an industrious career that requires challenging work with your hands. The pigmentation used for our 100% silicone wedding bands are made to closely resemble the metallic look. Athletes, Military personnel, electricians, Weightlifting couples, firefighters, even pregnant women and those with swelling fingers and specialized lifestyles that the traditional wedding band has not been able to accommodate have seen and felt the results for themselves. The rings are biologically compatible, Affordable and easy to wear. We recommend these rings to anyone looking for another option in their choice of wedding bands.

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