Free Personalized laser engraving Ceramic Band Rings 8mm Ceramic Ring with Red Carbon Fiber Inlay
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How do I care for ceramic jewelry?Jewelry made of ceramic is quite durable, and some basic maintenance will keep it in good condition. To clean ceramic jewelry and watches, wipe the ceramic with a damp cloth; dry it with a lint-free cloth. Although this material is strong and scratch-resistant, it can chip, so it is best to give each piece of ceramic jewelry its own slot or space in the jewelry Pouch.Why Choose the Ceramic Rings?1.The Ceramic is an extremely hard, light weight non-metallic material, as well as the high scratch resistance.2.The reasonable price, ceramic rings are very affordable in comparison to rings made from gold, platinum, and other traditional materials, Yet, unlike most other inexpensive jewelry options, ceramic is high quality and long lasting, making it an excellent value.3.For Black color, black ceramic is true black color, but the tungsten is given a black, not a natural color.4.Ceramic Rings is becoming more and more popular over the past couple of years. The sleek and shiny, modern, high-tech look attracts many people who want something eye-catching.

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